4 Ways to Increase Sales

While trying out new ways to boost sales can be risky, there´s a reason why they say "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Here are Truaxis´ top ways to help you increase sales.
1. Use Analytics and Metrics
Aside from getting to know your customers on a personal level, you can learn about them using software tools. Learn where your customer base is, who they are, how long they stick around on your site and what your conversion rates are! Just be sure to use trustworthy and comprehensive tools. 
  • 46% of ecommerce retailers are increasing their analytics staff for the coming years.
  • 76% of surveyed retailers started tracking metrics with positive results in 2014.
  • In the first week of running analytics, Discount Tire boosted online sales by 14%.
2. ROI for Targeted Advertising
Once you´ve learned about your customer base, you need to target your advertising towards your niche and measure the success of these efforts to make sure your marketing dollars are being used efficiently.
  • Between 2013 - 2014, retailer spending on targeted display ads online increased by 270%
  • A retargeted ad - one that was already released but has been redirected at a particular segment - leads to 1000% more searches than a non-targeted ad.
3. Invest in Mobile Tactics
Having a mobile site and/or app is quickly becoming a necessity for retailers. This past holiday season saw record-breaking numbers for mobile shopping and browsing, solidifying mobile as a digital channel that´s here to stay.
  • 44% of ecommerce retailers are increasing their mobile efforts; a smart move since the US market is expected to jump from 2% in 2014 to 7% of ecommerce sales by 2016.
  • In 2012 only 3.6 million Americans shopped on mobile devices on Cyber Monday.
4. Localization
Location, location, location! Tailor your reach to the ideals and tendencies of your community and watch your sales soar. The best way to localize is via in-person events, direct mail, regional websites, social networks and other electronic forms of communication. Even if you´re not an online business, online marketing is the new standard.
  • Only 12% of marketers are confident in their abilities regarding localization.
  • But 49% believe it´s vital to growth.
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