5 Easy Steps To End Email Overwhelm - Empty Your Email Inbox

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Question: How many emails are in your inbox right now? If you just cringed, we have got a problem. You´re busy and you´ve got great work to do but It´s hard to do the work when you´ve got a pile of unanswered emails weighing you down. That's why in this episode Bennett at TV I'm gonna give you Five easy steps to end email overwhelm forever. So you can free up your brain space to do the great work that you've come to do, without being bogged down by fear, guilt or worry about what sitting in your inbox.

Step 1: don't check your email, process to email. Your inbox is not a storage facility or a to do list. It's a place to capture and collect incoming items then process them, so things that require action get taken care of. The stuff you may need for future reference to safely stored and everything else gets deleted. When you're processing you incoming emails correctly, you should be able to end each day with an empty inbox.

Step 2: have set times to process your email. If you allow a steady stream incoming emails to distract you all day long you are setting yourself up for failure. Turn off the automatic delivery and if you have a smartphone consider turning the incoming email off. You can decide how often to process your email maybe it's twice a day maybe it's twice a week the important thing is it works for you.

Step 3: ask yourself these three key questions when processing email. Is this actionable? do I need to file its future reference? can I delete this? When you ask these questions you're probably gonna discover that less than one percent of your emails are actionable. In fact in his book which I highly recommend. How to become productivity ninja by Graham Alcott he estimates that less than 2.5 percent of all the emails we receive of actionable.

Step 4: create folders the emails you want to keep so you have a trusted system, which allows you to take action on what needs to be actioned, and file stuff you need for the future in a place where is easily retrieved. It's important to separate emails which require some action to follow up on your part from the emails that you need to delete. I recommend three types of folder:
@Action: is for items that need to apply they will take longer than a minute or two 
@Read review: is for the stuff to read a review later
@Waiting is for emails from waiting for a reply. What this means is that anytime at a glance I can see what requires action and follow-up. But what about the things that you may need for future reference. The key here is to have a few big buckets to store things so you don't have to think too hard about where to place them. We wanna keep this simple if you have to think too hard about went to those things it's just gonna slow you down. Also the Bucs search functions maynes is easy to retrieve electronic items from your big buckets. Here are some suggestions to the folder. Work, personal, the safe place: this is where I keep things like logins passwords to get confirmations that such A and Z general reference. The key to making this work is that has to be easy for you to maintain.

step 5: Get you in box to zero daily. These habits running into work if you use them consistently. Okay so let's just recap on the five easy steps to end email overwhelm forever. By the way I've posted all of these over my blog bennett build-up comes a company that you want to cut and paste them.
- One: don't check your email process to email.
- Two:
 have set times for processing email and keep your email turned off outside of those times.
- Three: ask yourself these three questions when prices and 
your emails. Is this actionable? Do I want to follow so future reference? Can I delete this?
- Four: 
set up your folders so you can keep track of items and have a trusted system for treating those emails you need in the future. -  And five: make this a daily habit and get your inbox into zero every day. So here's what you need to do now.

irst decide how often you go to process your email and then stick to that should chill then set up your folders so you can keep track action items. Use the three key questions to get you in box to zero. Is this actionable? do I want to file this a future reference or can I delete this then come get a pat on the back. Leave a comment on my blog ben is at told up call describing how you took action on this video so we can celebrate you making this change. Do it now! Imagine how great your gonna feel when you in boxes is a row and you have total confidence and clarity about what needs action knowing nothing is going to slip through the cracks. These a simple steps that you can take today and see instant results. To take my advice right away and make this happen. I look forward to seeing you all success stories on the blog. Now did you like this video? if so please subscribe and share with your friends and colleagues. And if you want even more resources on how to get more what you want in both your business and your life come on over to ben is at bernadettedoyle.com to sign up for regular email updates. Thank you so much for watching and I look forward to seeing you on the next episode offended at TV hi guys time to see you a field of view want to know that your inbox if they're OK took action.