5 SEO Basics to grow your Small Business

1. Plan with keyword research - know what your customers are searching for. Googl Keyword Planner is a free tool. SEMrush will find keywords your competitors are using.
Target local keywords specific to your business. Example: a removalist in Sydney but main service area is North Sydney. Keyphrases such as: "removalist north sydney" are more relevant than "removalists Sydney"
2. Efficient SEO with a CMS - A Content Management System (CMS) is an afficient way to publish content and manage SEO. It´s easy to set up a site using a CMS such as WordPress.
SEO Benefit: Plug-ins such as Yoast allow control of on-page SEO. It will tell you how well your pages are optimised. Super Cache is another plug-in which helps pages load faster. Page speed is known to influent site rankings.
3. Diversify your marketing - reviews, social media, PPC, email, guest blogging, display ads, remarketing, forums, facebook, Yelp - can all drive traffic and leads. Social media, blogging and forum participation in your niche are free. Test different channels within budget to what works.
SEO Benefit: A diverse marketing plan can compliment your SEO through traffic, links and branding.
4. Blog - Write compelling content that your audience will read and share. Use images, video, tips, news and more. A "longtail" keyword approach can work well. 
Example: a post titled "NOrth Sydney Removal Service review" with a customer testimonial. Describe action your business took and the outcome. Testimonials are great to show off your business and build trust.
Post ideas: answer questions and offer solutions. Create check-lists. Offer free information and knowledge from your field of expertise. 
SEO Benefit: every new blog post created is an opportunity to be found in search engines.
5. Stand out with On-site SEO - Create unique page titles, meta descriptions, URLs and content. Creating additional pages can help target new keywords and send signals to search engines.
Example: If your removal service only serves North Sydney, use a key phrase such as "Removalist North Sydney" on your home page.
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