Agency SEO Germany


The Agency SEO Germany offers creative online marketing from Hannover. Individual and targeted approach we work with you to develop a strategic approach to your success.

Over the years we have - developed more and more of the pure SEO agency to a holistic provider for competent and creative internet marketing - together with the requirements of our customers.

We cover all aspects of search engine marketing (SEM), and offer you everything from the qualified support and optimization of AdWords campaigns (SEA) and web analytics search engine optimization (SEO) to the Conversion and usability optimization from a single source. We also organize SEM and SEO seminars and workshops to train your staff or the structure of the company's own resources.

Our customers get everything they need for a holistic and comprehensive approach to successful Internet marketing.
Search Engines - The central contact points in the network

With the increasing spread of the Internet, the number of pages on the World Wide Web increases disproportionately. In this great offer are Internet search engines, most notably the industry leader Google, often the first interface between man and Internet. In Germany, serving 90.5 percent * of Internet users of Google services.

The object of the search engines is to filter out the wealth of information those who have the greatest match or relevance to the user's search.

The operators of search engines tend their search algorithms as a trade secret, so are all the more important long-term experience in the field of search engine optimization. Only from existing experience can ensure a successful implementation.
Relevance to the search query

In order to assess the content of your page, there are several factors for the search engines. Google takes, for example, 200 factors with different weighting to determine the ranking of your page. Some of these can be influenced and encouraged. Others are immutable, such as the age of your page.

The basis of optimization measures basically forms a complete analysis of your website. We wish to determine the starting point for our actions. Now we will design for you a customized package of optimization measures and then used these to on request. Certain actions can be performed by you, on request, we teach you in action and give you several tools to help at hand.

The Agency SEO Germany has a network of dedicated designers, programmers, editors and search engine optimizers provide their special skills and experience is available upon request. We place special emphasis on an individual and personal service to our clients in order to ensure a targeted and tailored response to your requests.