How to properly use the potential of video marketing?

Videos are becoming part of the marketing strategy of even the small companies. What are the benefits, what should they contain and how long should they be?
Impressive videos have taken the on-line marketing by a storm. They entered the awareness as an effective communication tool, which tells more than a thousand words. Several millions of people discover them daily and there is no barrier in their road, which would question their rapid progress. The dominance of smartphones, fast times and thirst for information and entertainment play perfectly into their hand. Even though it’s not a novelty, progressive technologies, animations and creative ideas keep opening new possibilities.
Benefits of video communication
Thanks to the reputation of an entertainer and an effective informant more and more companies use the video in the marketing communication. Since the benefits are undisputable one can expect that its numbers will grow significantly in the immediate future. Not only a lot of companies, but also more and more users prefer content in video form and consider pages where it’s located as more interesting.
It is a great interactive way how to address potential customers and introduce a new product or a service. Furthermore it allows a two-way communication using comments and discussions under the video. One of the biggest strengths of using video in online marketing is its ability to affect a great number of people. It is one of the most effective ways to get your brand in front of a large audience. If they like the video, it spread by itself.
Video is oversaturated with information. It hides added value; using music, animation and a story, it can play the emotional note. It can express the important information in an understandable and decisive way in a relatively short time.
Its versatility also helps. You van use it as your dominant sales tool or it can be the bearer of additional information like e.g. part of an article. At the same time it’s more effective than a TV commercial or any other press release. One-minute video tells about as much information as almost two million words.
10 tips for creating video
How many your video marketing will cost you depends on whether you decide to create the video on your own or ask the help of professionals. Based on the difficulty level of your requirements they can ask for several hundred or even thousands of Euros. The advantage will be higher quality in a relatively short time; furthermore using professional equipment. Except for higher costs the downsides may include that your expectations are not met
However production costs dropped significantly in recent years. So a limited budget does not have to be an issue for creating an ingenious marketing tactics. You can do the video on your own. Except for used equipment your investment will be only your time. The benefit is saved finance, the risk is amateurish impression. There are several on-line programs that can reliably guide you step by step in producing at least partially professional material
Before you get up in front or behind the camera and decide to produce a video, read a couple of tricks on how to achieve a convincing result with interesting content.
1. Strategic screenplay. Create a list of shots you cannot go without. Draw a schematic picture for the more complex ones and suggest transitions. Think about what information do you want to pass on. Think about places, where you want to shoot and the necessary conditions (sufficient light, distracting sounds, etc.)
2. Duration does matter. The optimum duration of a commercial spot is about 15 seconds. Videos of these durations are the ones most frequently shared by the users. However if you are handing over a more extensive advertisement message or you are introducing a new product, it can run for 2 - 3 minutes without any problems. It is not recommended to go over five minutes.
3. Know your audience and make sure that the video hands over the information in the most suitable way. What’s his age, what are his hobbies and words, which capture his attention? No matter how amazing and informative video might be, if the right people don’t see it, it misses the effect.
4. Give him a reason to stay. During the first 5 - 10 seconds the viewer should know the reason why continue watching. Answer the questions not asked: What will he learn? What will he find out? To which problem will he find a solution?
5. The basis is creativity and a recognizable style. Don’t resist new techniques, so you don’t become just another drop in the sea. Animations, slow-down or acceleration of movement or an impression of 3D display. Work with sharpness depth, use smart tricks and spice it up using humor.
6. Prefer quality. One top-notch video is more than ten substandard ones with minimum views. The rule here is again that a creative idea wins over professional technique and expensive costs.
7. Find a home for your vide. Except for creating your own YouTube channel you should not forget to publish the video also on your page. However there are also so called video social networks, which can tell you a thing or two about the viewership of the video. These include SocialCam, Viddy, Keek, Vimeo, etc.
8. Do not underestimate key words and a catchy title. Chose them fittingly so that your video would pop up among the found results when searching for similar topics. Name it so that it would be easily identifiable for the search engine. Google Trends can help you with that.
9. The social media are the key. To exploit the full potential of your video you have to facilitate the access of the users to the video as much as possible. Therefore share it everywhere you can. Remember that you have also the so-called tags at your disposal; i.e. key words, which perfectly capture the content of your post
10. Call to action. When publishing your video think about the call to further action. Ask the users to comment on the video or share it. This also influences the final number of views.
What to show the customers using the video?
The answer to this question comes into light when you get into the mindset of your customer. Share with him what he would like to know and could motivate him to purchase or repeated visit of the webpage. Tell him how your product works or the technological process of its production. Allow him to take a peek inside your company and invite him to your trainings or courses. Prepare for him a video manual on how to use your product or a presentation of the basic characteristics and differences. Present it in action. Introduce him to your company, its brand and culture using the video, and don’t forget even the team buildings, tell a story. Show that the service you provide is superior, exceptional.
The current hot trend is animation, which is visually attractive and entertaining, yet inexpensive at the same time. In the on-line space you can easily find unique programs, which will allow you to create a video with playful animation.
The video should contain only substantial information interesting in some way. Because it carries additional, audio and vide information, it should not be oversaturated by facts and advertisement slogans. Let the picture speak for itself and let the emotion play out. Today the majority of people surfs the Internet with the purpose of getting information on given product or a service in as little time as possible. Here your information or promotional video should come into play
Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo?
After the successful production of your corporate video the question comes to mind, where to load it. Go with the biggest platform for video sharing YouTube or go rather with Vimeo? If you upload it on YouTube you can be sure, it’s in the right hands. More than a billion users click on this channel each month. However Vimeo also has its strengths. It provides useful feedback to the authors, it doesn’t force you to watch mandatory commercial before watching the video and it brings together people with a passion for movie production. While YouTube is a webpage for the masses with the possibility to upload unlimited number of videos, Vimeo connects creative people with the filmmakers. However you will have to make due with limited space.
Other questions arise when loading video directly to Facebook or its linking to YouTube. When it comes to the uploading time from your computer, YouTube definitely takes the lead. While Facebook allows the upload of only 20 minutes videos at the maximum, there is no limit on YouTube. However Facebook has the advantages of the “Like” and “Share” buttons directly under the video. On the other hand YouTube gives preferential treatment when inputting keywords in the search engine and also allows for it to be shared on other channels. Facebook does not provide this option.
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