Costly SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid


I recently wrote an article about the various SEO-related mistakes that can cost your site its position in the search engine results pages (SERPs), to say nothing of traffic and conversions. Frankly, there are enough of these to fill a book, so I’m writing a second article on the subject.


Well-researched and there are so many useful takeaways for publishers & marketers. I would like to add two more points here:

1) Ineffective link building strategy – which focuses more on homepage rather than inner pages.

And while linking, using the same anchor text again and again is also a very common mistake. Penguin update made it even more important to use diversified anchor text for building links.

2) Stuffing your content with keywords. Putting your targeted/primary keywords in your page is not a wrong practice, but using it too many times in your content definitely is. Your keywords should look natural and should be placed strategically. Your copy should be reader-centric rather than SEO-centric.


5 Useful Cheatsheets for Twitter Users


Ann Smarty provides us with five great cheatsheets for Twitter, covering topics such as the "The Anatomy of a Tweet" and proper tweeting etiquette.

Great read!


5 Ways to Turn Old Content Into New Link Bait


Fresh content, as Ann Smarty so elegantly points out, is the lifeblood of blogs - both great and small. That doesn't mean, however, that you should ignore your old content. In fact, there are many benefits to repackaging that old content into something new.

This article by our resident guru gives you five - count em, five - ways to make the old new again.


Jamespayne @Ann Smarty: Good Article just i checked it, one doubt in my mind. If we are getting good ranking in search engine with old content that time we will replace our content old to new. So ranking will get effect? Right. So what should be on this?

Other one sided Google updated always aware about content, always content should be of quality type. but ranking is coming with old content, now want changes our content of website so ranking will be effect so what is the benefits of this.



This thread has so much to offer. Based on what I read from Ann's article about old content, those tips are really useful especially the use of eBooks since it is one of the effective ways now to build traffic. As long as you have good contents, whether old or new, then you're good to go. All are worth it!



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