Discuss: The Number of Google Results Found: What It Really Means

You know the scenario well: you do a search on any engine, and in seconds you are given your results. You stay on the first couple of pages, probably within the first few websites offered. Because there is no way you are going to go filtering through the millions (or even billions) of websites that [...]Author information

Share your own examples: 5 Funniest Google AdWords Ads


Google AdWords are something we always expect to see now. Sitting in the sidebar of a search, the top results features, sitting somewhere on a webpage…we just know it is going to be there. Half the time, I know I don’t even notice them. It is as though my eyes skim over them with absolutely [...]Author information


Add Yours: 10 Cool Pinterest Plugins for Your WordPress Blog


Pinterest is hands down my favorite social media site. Sure, Twitter is great for the hashtags, and Facebook the definition of the perfect all-in-one social website. But there is just something about that unique format, and the thrill of a more visual site. Just the overall layout is unlike anything we have ever seen before. [...]Author information


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