Facebook Graph Search Not a Google Killer

Recently, Facebook unveiled Graph Search, its new search engine. The early beta application does not work in the same way that Google works – but Foursquare and Yelp might have cause for concern. Full disclaimer first: I was not one of the lucky ones who actually got to try Graph Search. When I finally got [...]


How Keywords Help You Grow Your Website


Often, the first step one takes to optimize one’s website for the search engines involves keyword research. To be honest, though, you should perform that keyword research BEFORE you do SEO – in fact, you should probably do it before you even build your website! Keep reading to find out why. I need to tip [...]


Co-Citations: Another Reason to Write Killer Content


Google’s Penguin algorithm cast a long shadow over link building in SEO. With many kinds of links apparently getting devalued, some wonder what the search engine considers important or relevant anymore. Even anchor text has come into question. What’s an SEO or a site owner to do? First, remember that Google’s algorithm updates are designed [...]Author information