Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where does your traffic come from?
A: Our network owns and operates many well-known internet websites. Our
current portfolio consists of over 14000+ websites internet wide, including 12
established search engines, 6 internet service providers, movie sites, social
networking sites, online gaming sites, and a well-known domain registrar
which currently hosts over 12,600 ad supported websites (expired domain
traffic). In this way our traffic network generates over 35 million unique
visitors and over 72 million page impressions daily.
Q: How will my website be displayed?
A: Website visitors get to see your entire website without any limitation; no
frames or any other annoying banners are displayed. This will give you the
opportunity to have a higher conversion rate and a greater return on
Q: How many visitors should I expect? For how long?
A: The average is 80 – 120 visitors per day, but we usually over deliver,
according to the daily trends of online people. For the 1# service standard package, you will
receive the traffic at least for 1 month. If you purchase our TURBO EXTRA SERVICE, We can
extend the project period up to 12 months or even more.
Q: Do you guarantee the conversions (sales, leads, opt-ins,…etc)?
A: Yes we do! No other seller can do this
We guarantee multiple sales or
conversions if you purchase our Full Advertising Package, but please
note that there is no way to guarantee the sales or conversions for the STANDARD Service
because we (or anyone) wouldn’t be able to work much deeper to ensure sales
or conversion.
Q: Every other seller mentions that they are unable to guarantee
the conversions! But you guarantee the results for full ad package,
actually how does your system work?
A: A picture is worth a thousand words. Please refer the below image.
Q: Do you use any unethical/blackhat methods to guarantee
the results?
A: Absolutely not! I personally guarantee that my strategy is 100% ethical &
white hat. I also have tested this strategy in hundreds of websites built on
different niches with very profitable results.
Q: Do you generate traffic using bots and spams?
A: Absolutely not! We never ever make use of bots, proxies or spam to send
the traffic. All the methods we use are completely authentic and have been
proven to work over years.
Q: What kind of website can I promote?
A: Although you are welcome to promote websites on almost any topic and
content, we don’t allow you to promote websites which contain malware or
viruses, websites that promote illegal stuff, adf.ly or similar websites. (There
have been many instances in the past where these networks were passing
viruses and malicious software to our network and to our publisher’s users.)
Q: Can I promote an adult website?
A: Adult websites are allowed, as long as they abide by legal regulations for
adult content websites.
Q: How soon does the traffic start flowing to my site?
A: The typical waiting period is 12 - 24 hours.
Q: Is your traffic Adsense safe?
A: Yes. 100% Adsense safe. But we don’t encourage our clients to use ANY
paid traffic services for their Google Adsense enabled websites because it
violates Google’s T.O.S.
Q: Will the visitors I purchase actually be unique?
A: Yes. We stand by our promise that every single visitor you purchase will
be completely unique.
Q: What are the available country options for me?
A: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand,
France, Germany, Italy, European Union, Brazil, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, Netherlands, North America, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Norway,
Denmark, Belgium, Greece, South America, Japan, Asia, Singapore, Malaysia,
India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa, Brunei, Kuwait, Middle
East, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Estonia.
Q: Can I order multiple times for the same website?
A: Yes of course!
Q: Can I submit multiple links for the same website in one order?
A: No, sorry. You can promote only one link per order.
Q : I want to promote a large quantity of links. Do you
offer discounts?
A: Of course we do! 
Q: I need to pause the campaign, or to change the website. Is
it possible?
A: Yes, this is possible! Please contact us and we will take care of
your requests.
Q: What Is Your Refund Policy?
A: Pay nothing if you don’t get exactly what you want! If you are not
satisfied with your return on investment at the end of the project, we send
you a no question asked 100% refund for our full advertising packages.
Q: Why should I choose you as my traffic provider?
A: We have great customer services and are always at hand to provide you
with any assistance that you may need. In addition to that, the problem with
most traffic sellers who claim that they send real human traffic is, 99% of
them send you bot traffic, generated using various kinds of software/proxies.
If they send you only real human traffic, why they can’t get you any
conversions after sending hundreds or even thousands of so called ‘real
human visitors? Why can’t you get even a single sign-up for a free offer after
having thousands of hits from them? What’s their excuse about high bounce
rates & non-interactive visitors you are getting? Simply put, we are the best
traffic providers. You get keyword targeted real human traffic at an
affordable price!
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