10 Ways SamCart Will Increase Your Checkout Page Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions




When do you start my order? 

I begin reviewing your campaign within 5 hours of ordering and usually much sooner – it is run through a comprehensive anti-fraud software and then manually reviewed by Google and my 3rdParty Network. I understand that a quick start time is essential to the success of your business. Reviews of all campaigns are necessary in order to ensure the integrity of my network and protect both the websites and visitors that are part of it.

If there are any issues with a campaign you will be contacted via email!

If not your order will proceed – you should start seeing traffic within 24-48 hours of ordering and often much sooner.

Geotargeting – what’s that? 

Geotargeting simply means that you can targeted your website to be shown only to users in certain countries – I do this using IP fingerprinting. allows me to target users from a specific country of origin. 



How can I track my visitors? 

Upon ordering your URL is automatically converted to a Goo.gl short URL by my backend system. The URL and its analytics link will be shared you via email upon successful checkout.

Where does the traffic come from? 

Mostly from Google Search Engine but of course I established deals with large web portfolio owners that cover more than 7,000 websites – including more than a dozen websites among the Alexa top 1,000. 54% of the traffic is pop-under, 13% is expired domains and 33% is interstitial.

Can my site contain sound or popups? 

Yes – but please note that many websites on our network refuse to display advertisements that direct their visitors to websites with either automatic sound plays or pop ups. As a result these websites may receive traffic slower than otherwise.

What’s Alexa Traffic? 

Alexa.com is the world’s premier website used to rank the relative popularity of websites online. Having a high Alexa rank may increase the perceived value of domain or website in auction while also driving potential traffic through Alexa.com own visitors.

Experiencing slow Alexa traffic? 

I use browser fingerprinting to isolate users that have the Alexa toolbar installed (which Alexa uses to estimate relative site popularity) – because Alexa traffic means that only users with that toolbar will be sent to your website, delivery can take much longer than it does for regular web traffic.

How to Read Your Google Data 

Goo.gl is an official Google product, considered to be the most accurate short URL analytics service available.
By clicking your unique Goo.gl short URL provided above, you are able to track people visiting your site in real time.

Is your traffic Adsense safe? 

Yes, my traffic is in 100% compliance with the TOS of Google’s Adsense program

I have multiple visitors form the same IP? 

All visitors will be coming from unique IP’s – if you see repeating IP’s you may be looking at the referral IP instead of the visitor ip – the referral ip is the tracking link used by advertisers that are redirecting traffic to your websites. You may receive multiple viewers from a few large websites, but all visitors will be unique

What’s the max number of visitors you can deliver per day? 

Across my network I´m currently capable of delivering roughly 5,000 visitors per day or 150 000 in Month. However depending on both the targeting options chosen (both geo and vertical) and any site specific characteristics. For an estimate for your individual circumstance please contact me.