Google Rolls Out Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords


On Wednesday, Google announced what it called an upgrade to its popular AdWords advertising platform. Called “enhanced campaigns,” it’s supposed to help users “more simply and smartly” manage their ad campaigns. It might be* simpler, but some vocal observers note that it isn’t smarter. You can read all about the new features straight from the [...]Author information


Republishing Content: The Right Way to Do it


To totally misquote Barbie, “Writing original content is hard!” Well, if it was easy, anybody could rank, right? When you need to create something new on a daily basis for your blog, it’s tempting to find a great piece of work and just copy it. That’s illegal – but there is a legal way to [...]Author


Keyword Research: Two Unusual Resources


Check what keywords your competitors are using, and build better content to win their traffic.” Sound familiar? While that statement represents one traditional approach to keyword research, it could also kick off a losing battle. You really want to be where your competitors aren’t, but where you can still find lots of traffic looking for [...]Author information