How Do I Increase Sales? - 4 Things You Need to Know

Hi thanks for joining us. Today were answering the question, how do I increase sales. I'm david Browne Lee president of david Browne associates and founder of small business training and the 7 secrets to a million dollar business. Clients and friends are always asking me: how can I sell more. The word sales can really haven't adverse reaction and business owners and even sales people themselves. There's so many negative connotations associated with sales. People have visions other the sheet a used car salesman or the relentless telemarketer that calls you during dinner. Sales today has changed. It really revolves around showing your clients that you have the best solution, for the problem. It's that simple. When you really look at it that way helping people solve their problems it's a lot less daunting. When you hire me, as my client you learn these four things and much more. The first thing to do to help you increase your sales, is to take control love your mindset. If you're thinking that sales is tough and awful and it does this impossible thing, then it will be. You need to embrace sales and know that you're offering a product or service that is good for your customers. For example: if you sell weight loss products, you need to believe that you are helping people improve their health. And really their lives you have to believe in your product and when you believe in your product that comes through in the way from you. If your wedding planner and a couple comes to you to plan their wedding. Take the time to really listen to their vision and do your best to make it a reality. This is a huge day in their lives that you can contribute to, and help make amazing. Show your clients that feeling. Stop and think about this: how does your product or service really provide a solution to help someone in their lives. Every product or service helps the client in some way shape or form if it's a legitimate product or service. So take a moment to think about that. Then write it down, and keep it on your desk or wherever you can see it when you're making sales calls are seeing prospective clients. Just take a look at it, and remind yourself why you're doing this business to help people. This is going to have a profound effect on your clients along with the other things were going to talk about here in a moment. Your mind can definitely run while before sales call. So to get in the right mindset listen to music before the call or meeting can really help. I can get you amped up you know or relaxed or it can help you focus. So listen this sales training CDs or mp3's in your car before hand, is a great idea to influence your mindset in a positive way. And maybe you'll even learn something in that training, that you can use in your sales presentation. Also, make sure you have eaten in our hydrated before your sales call. This will help your brain to concentrate on the moment and you won't be thinking about how hungry you are you know and or get distracted. Okay next you need to have a set sail cycle that you can master. A sale cycle is a sad events, that's always the same for every customer and every sales call. Tt takes time to master, so get the basics down and practice whenever you can you know with coworkers, employees your spouse make come sit down in role play with you. Because the more you do it the more comfortable and confident you'll be in making your presentation. Depending on who you're selling to at that particular moment, the content mean change. But not this system
There's 8 essentials that I found to be the best steps to use in a cell cycle. 
First mere the personality have the prospective client. What is that mean? well listen to their speech look at their mirror and near their behavior to build trust with the prospect. For example: if they talk too loud and are excited, you talk loud and be excited. If they're more subdued and to the point you be the same subdued into the point. And this isn't being deceptive in any way you just want them to see you as similar to them. The psychology behind it is that people buy from the people that they are like or the people that they can relate to. So if someone is calm and subdued and you're giving your sales pitch in a loud fast-talking manner they may see you as that used car salesman that they can trust. Or if your prospect is lower than excited in your column is subdued they may think you're not interested in what they have to say. More on interested in helping them. So use your judgement on a case by case basis. You don't want to come off as disingenuous but you know I hope that makes sense so if you have any questions or need clarification or anything after you watch the video leave a comment right below and I will personally be answering those questions for you.
Second: build report and ask questions about things you may have in common anything from hobbies or having kids or local sports teams NewsX enter and anything but religion in politics. Conversations can go bad fast when those come out. So keep sales conversations neutral if you can at least in the beginning. But having similar tastes and hobbies will help build trust in a relationship with the prospect that will help them be more apt to buy from you. On the phone this can be a challenge sometimes but just be friendly and courteous and you'll be good to go. Speak natural in be sure to listen closely to what they're saying so you can help them out taking you know talking about what they did on a weekend or that is just passed for the upcoming weekend can also be good to build report. 
Third. ask intelligent questions. Ask about their business and their goals this year, their frustrations. How your business can help them with their goals. Actually listen to the answers and write them down and remember the 80/20 rule. Listen eighty percent and talk 20 percent. That can be tough because anything they tell you is great information to help you make the sale. 
Fourth: give your presentation. Now this could be a power point or it could be going through a booklet or a brochure that you go over with the client. Im or reading them back their answers from the questions you asked him earlier. And demonstrating to the client how your product or service is a specific solution to their problem. You want a presentation that is flexible enough so that you can address those issues you've just found out from and what you know what they're facing in their families are facing.
Number five: is the most important thing you need to do in the sales cycle. Most business owners in sales people do not do this. It surprising! Ask for this sale, write that down ask Fort the sale! It seems so obvious but this is the hardest part for people. You have to as for the sale every time. You can´t just in your meeting by saying: okay you call me when you think about it no as for the sale right that because you need to know if they still have concerns or if you've answered all their questions and all that information you just gave them and how you can help them with their problem with your product or service is still fresh in their mind. Sometimes you won't be able to close a deal right man but you need to know where your prospective clients head is at. He also need to overcome objections if you have to. This leads us in the number six. If your client says no or has some objections address the objections until you're sure you overcome all them. Ask them! having answered all your questions do you have anything else for me. Look at the reaction in try to read them and make sure you did a good job overcoming objections. Then ask for the sale again. Keep repeating these last two steps into you get the sale or have the next steps in place to make the sale.
Number seven. Over deliver on your client's expectations. Deliver your product early if it's appropriate or throw in something extra to really wow the customer that will make them more susceptible to giving you a referral to their friends or colleagues or become a repeat moyle customer. And finally.
Number eight:. Always follow up to ensure your client has been taken care of and that they think they've been taken care of. That's important! Sometimes we think we did a great job but maybe we fell short somewhere. And then ask them for referrals. Ask them who do you think you know that would benefit from XY and z. You can do this in person you on the phone or via email. Most salespeople in business owners do not follow up. Make sure you do it and your business will continue to grow. Watch my video four essentials on how to market your company for the essentials needed to market successfully and follow up with past clients. There's some great strategies in that video for you. The third thing you need to do to increase your sales, is to make sure you master your product or service. You need to come off to your clients that you are the expert. Make sure you know everything there is to know about your product and service. You should know all the features that functions have those features their benefits and their pricing. You should know the same about your competitors and why yours is better. Finally you need to be a master love your industry. Always no more than your client does about your industry so you can educate them as an expert in that field. But also, you don't get caught off guard with new trends are developments are competitors products or services that you didn't know about. So join associations in your industry, read the trade magazines and stay up to date on all the latest news that's happening in your field. There's a lot of information in this video so to recap there are four things you need to know in master to increase your sales. 
One: you need to take control love your mindset. You need to be focused and confident in yourself your product or service and how you can help your clients. 
Two: you need to master a set sail cycle that consist a mirroring the prospects personality building reporter, ask intelligent questions. 
Three: you need to master your product or service, you need to know everything about it and your competitor's products and services as well
and finally. 
Four: you need a master your industry, you need to stay current with all the trends and developments in your field. I truly hope you got great value for this video and learned something today to help you increase your sales.
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Thanks again for joining us i'm David Browne Lee and we'll see you next time.