How to Check Website Traffic


When you create a website, whatever your goal is, the main purpose of a website is to be seen by large masses online. The term website traffic refers to the sum of all the visitors to your website. Of course you want to know how many visitors you have. To be able to do that you need to know how to check your website traffic.
Install a hit counter: A hit counter is a code that you put on your web page, which counts how many times the page has been viewed. There are numerous ways to implement this tool, free and paid, and it can be set to count all views or unique views.
Use Google Analytics: Google provides this tool, if you have a Google account of course, which not only tells you how many times your site has been viewed, but also gives you all kind of information about your site visitors, their locations, loyalty, etc. You can find it here
Check Alexa: also tells you about your site traffic and it gives you all kind of valuable data about your site. The only problem is that your site needs to have somewhat established traffic and rank well for Alexa to show any data at all.
A lot of other online services offer to count your website's visitors, if you create an account with them. As always, do some research about these services, and use them at your own risk.


  •    Learn Java Scripting, PHP or ASP and you can create your own hit counter.
  •    Do some detailed research online about Google Analytics and Alexa, as well as, about ways of using them to increase your website traffic.
  •    There are a lot of free hit counter services, so before paying for one, shop around and do your research.
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