How To Increase Google Trust

If you are a webmaster looking to increase rankings and organic traffic from Google, then this tutorial will definitely prove helpful. You may have heard of Google's Panda / Farmer update affecting low quality websites - this tutorial will answer the questions of what does Google view as low quality - and more importantly - how do I make my website a high quality site?


Six Keyword Tricks to Stop Using


With so much conflicting SEO information available on the Internet, it's not surprising how much of it is outdated or just plain wrong. Nobody wants to spend many hours building a site, only to find that they've wasted much of the effort they hoped would bring targeted visitors from the search engines. Here are six time-consuming tactics centered around keywords that you can stop using right now.


Very nice. I had some issues with it giving me a bad login page, but after refreshing a couple times I was able to read it.

Can we put this:
"...give up the idea of a “magic percentage” of keywords to help a page to rank. It doesn't exist."

on the bottom of every forum page? Or make new users type it 3x before they're allowed to post?


Keyword Questions and Answers


Newcomers to SEO ask questions about many things. Few areas seem to inspire as much confusion as keywords, however. Fortunately, SEO forums let veteran SEOs share their expertise with newcomers. Keep reading for some questions and answers about keywords culled from our own SEO Chat forums.


t6hanks for sharing.keyword research is a very important thing for a site. most of the webmasters do this mistake. and they suffer in the long run. so we have to be careful about this matter.