5 Ways How to Increase Sales at Crafts Shows

You have chosen the perfect product and are committed to the upcoming craft show. Here are a few tips that will help you increase your profits.
  1. Take notes. Watch the customers. Keep an accurate list of what items are selling so that you can concentrate on making those for the future shows. For that matter, make a list of customers who are interested in your work. By placing a customer address book on your table, people can sign up to be placed on your email list. You can then use this list to notify them about upcoming shows.
  2. Place crafts wisely. Watch for hot spots on the table. Pieces placed on certain corners seem to always sell, no matter what items we placed there. The most popular hot spot seems to be the corner where the traffic first glimpses your booth. As the day progresses, you may want to rearrange your work, periodically. Usually, traffic will make their way around to your table more than once. By creating a different look, customers will get a chance to view pottery they may have missed the first time
  3. Use the "SOLD" sign to your advantage. As pieces sell, don’t be over zealous to fill that space with another piece of work. Instead, place a “SOLD” sign in that slot. Viewers respond with a sense of urgency when they see that something they like and may buy in the future is selling.
    Make verbal contact. What is the key to eliminating the competition around you? Make verbal contact with the customers. Engage in conversations with the people that come by. Take an interest in listening to their stories. The customer's unique handmade gift choice will be treasured even more if your customer can tell the recipient that they met and got to know the artist.
  5. Pass out business cards. Take the cards with you to the show and only pass them out when someone specifically asks for one or when someone purchases one of your items. In this way, the chance increases that the card will be saved for future reference.
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