Blogger WidgetMany people spend a great amount of money trying to launch their website through strong advertising campaigns; however, a lack of funds shouldn't be a setback as there are many ways to get traffic without spending a dime.
  1. Optimize your website to be search-engine friendly.
  2. Make sure your title, description head, and header html tags accurately convey the subject of your site; search engine algorithms use these as keywords to categorize your site and direct relevant traffic.
  3. Spread the word about your affiliate program by submitting it to affiliate program directories and contacting the owners of related websites.
  4. Create a links page that will contain the links to other non-competing websites in the same industry. 
  5. Post in forums.
  6. Comment on blogs.
  7. Create an e-mail "signature" - your name, your website address and a short tag-line describing the main benefit of your site. 
  8. Look into traffic exchanges.
  9. Create something of value that people will pass around.
  10. Write articles
  11. Use accurate keywords for your content.
  12. Start an e-zine for your web site.
  13. Advertise your site at free classified ad sites.
  14. Getting a myspace page could also increase your site traffic because hundreds of people will see it.
  15. Submit your website to top social bookmarking sites to create a back link to your website, which will increase you page rank as well.


  • Use word of mouth. Tell everyone you know about your website.
  • Create Business Cards that have something like "This card is worth $400,000. Let me show you how" then have your url at the bottom of the card. There are websites out there that allow you to create and receive business cards for free.
  • Whatever types of free advertising you decide to pursue, make sure that you use ad tracking software. This will allow you to track where your visitors are coming from, and what types of advertising are the most effective.


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My name is Lissa Anderson I am a full time SEO consultant. I've been doing freelancing,web development,web designing & internet marketing stuff for more than 8 years. Now I am affiliate with one of the world’s largest online advertising company. 
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