How to Increase Website Traffic for Free

Many people spend a great amount of money trying to launch their website through strong advertising campaigns; however, a lack of funds shouldn't be a setback as there are many ways to get traffic without spending a dime.
Optimize your website to be search-engine friendly. Submit it to various search engines and directories. In addition to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and MSN, it's worth submitting to lesser known web directories. If your website is listed in as many places as possible, it can boost your rankings in major search engines as well.
  1. Make sure your title, description head, and header html tags accurately convey the subject of your site; search engine algorithms use these as keywords to categorize your site and direct relevant traffic.

    Spread the word about your affiliate program by submitting it to affiliate program directories and contacting the owners of related websites.

    Create a links page that will contain the links to other non-competing websites in the same industry. Contact the owners of other websites with your proposal to exchange links. You will add their link to your links page, and they will link to your website in return.

How to increase your website traffic" is a common phrase often asked by millions of people online. Did you know that according to Netcraft, there is approximately 210 million websites out there on the internet. This number continually grows every single year with over 20,000 new domain names registered every single hour!

With the amount of new websites out there and domain names being registered, how could you stand out amongst the millions of people who are fighting for your visitors attention? In order to achieve your goals on your website, whether it's to generate more customers for your business or sell more products, you'll need one of the most important assets in building a successful website - increasing your website traffic.


  1. Create videos and submit them to video sites. Videos are not only a great traffic generation tool, it’s also a great way to build trust with your visitors. You can easily put together a video by simply using a digital camera, recording a quick video, download it onto your computer, edit it using easy to use editing software and then upload it to video sites such as YouTube. YouTube receives millions of visitors each day and having quality videos that contain a link back to your website produces great quality traffic to your website.

    Setup a blog site or integrate one into your own website. Search engines love quality content and blog sites arerecognized as a great source of information for visitors. You can easily create a free blog account by going to or or setup one with your existing website. By frequently writing on your blog site, more people will find you on the different blog articles you’ve written sending you massive traffic.

    Use social networking tools to build relationships with your visitors. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc are becoming a popular way to generate free traffic. The strategy behind social networking is to build a massive fan base and build a long term relationship with them by offering useful information and services. When you build a strong relationship with your fan base, you can instantly send them to your website by providing a link to your site.

    Write quality and content rich articles. Writing content rich articles is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website. If you write your articles that contain keyword rich content, for example a dog training service business based in New York would have keywords such as “dog training new york” in the article would help people find your article. Make sure you provide a lot of value in your articles and educating your target market instead of just pitching your services. You can use your articles in your website, blog sites, press releases, ebooks etc.
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