How to Use Anchor Text in Backlinks


What's the best way to use anchor text to gain the best possible rankings from your link popularity campaign? Read on for tips and insight from the "SEO Guy" Morgan Carey into questions such as how Google views your vote for a site when you link to it and how they determine the value of your vote.

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Ummm just so we are clear Morgan Carey = SEO Guy

Now, I would not say so much that it draws an automatic penalty as there are many instances when tons of links would naturally say the same thing and have nothing to do with SEO at all, take the keyword "walmart" for instance

Because they are walmart I highly doubt they are actively SEOing, they just dont need to, so I am thinking TONS of the links if not 90+ % are all going to the index page saying "walmart" does it mean they get a penalty? Of course not they are walmart, its their name even if it were 100% links going to walmart with kw phrase walmart they would still be #1

However what a high density of same anchors to same page does do is raise a flag to possible seo activity when a manual evaluation of a site is occuring, now this isnt saying Google is anti SEO because they clearly arent or they wouldnt be speaking at the advanced link building seminars etc, but they are just making sure a porn site is not getting #1 in allinanchor: for hte keyword jesus just to capture the traffic by blog spamming and guestbooks.

The #1 reason to go for varied anchor text is because you have more then one keyword, it just makes sense! And deeplinking is the same thing, got lots of topics you got lots of pages they each have their own kw's so they each get their own links and own anchor text specific to that page



Hey SEO Guy, thanks for the great article. I have a couple questions that I have been wondering about for some time. Let's say I get a few links from another website. Their custom is to link with the business name as anchor text or with the URL as anchor text. They will not help me out with different anchor text.

1) Imagine that my domain is and they link to me with "Widgets House" as anchor text. Unfortunately "Widgets House" isn't a keyword that I am after. Do you think that I get any credit for the keyword "Widgets" with that link text?

2) Second.... if they link to me with my URL as link text "" does that help me much for searches on "widgets"?

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