In simplicity there is beauty. In the business as well

If we would ask you why have you haven’t established your own company yet, the two most frequent answers would be: “I didn’t have the right idea yet” and “When I discovered what I have to do to establish it, I changed my mind”.
What if we would tell you that you could establish a company without moving a finger or getting out of the house? The only thing you would have to do is fill out an online order for establishing a company. Well, in the end you will have to move your finger just a little bit - on your keyboard, but you definitely don’t have to get out of the house.
What’s the simplest way to establish a company?
The simplest way would be to let someone else do the job for you. Yes, of course you pay for it. But imagine all the endless lines, filling out millions of form, depressive office environments, registration in the self-employed and trade register, unpleasant state clerks. You got it? Well, you don’t have to undergo any of this. And now tell us if 266€ for establishing a company with limited liability is too much. You only need to fill out an online form and we will establish a company for a key for you.
  • Do you want a joint stock company?
  • Do you want a company with limited liability?
  • Do you want a limited partnership company?
  • Do you want a company in the Czech republic?
The Company will help you establish a company based on your ideas and requirements. What services do you get in the price? Professionals working in this field for many years will advise you. They will draw up and fill out all the necessary documents and forms for you, then they will ask you only for a signature and afterwards only one small step is going to be missing to establish the company. In the end the will register you in the trade and self-employment register and the tax office. From now on establishing a company is as simple as that.
You don’t want to wait?
Do you want to start your business right away? Have you discovered a gap in the market you want to fill with your idea and you are afraid someone could get there sooner? Do you need your company now? Then use the possibility of an already made company, which is set for immediate sale. This is a company without any obligations and business history, established for the sole purpose of sale and starting of business within just a few hours. You don’t have to sit idle and wait for 10 days until you manage all the necessities for establishing a company. With an already made company you can roll up your sleeves and start your business right away.
Do you know virtual headquarters?
If you don’t, you will. If you want to save, you will love this. Virtual headquarters in Bratislava not only secures a prestigious address of your company, but will also help you save a couple of hundred euros per month. A lot of money. How is this possible? Don’t pay hundreds of Euros for the rent of expensive office space you don’t need. You can rent virtual headquarters starting at 11€/month at good addresses in Bratislava. If you are a beginner businessman and your name isn’t widespread yet, this address will help you at the beginning to gain trust and prestige.
Thanks to virtual headquarters you will get an address for your company you will register in the trade register. If you don’t need office space or you work from home or in the field, don’t pay unnecessarily for something you don’t need. Rent a virtual headquarters. More benefits are waiting for you and except for that there will be a smaller chance you will be visited by the tax inspection. Significantly lower. How is this possible? When compared to another, smaller town, there is a ten times lower chance for a Bratislava based company to be visited by the tax inspection. What so you say, is it worth it? Try the business benefits offered by 
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