Instagram Policy Changes: Backtracks, Lesson Learned


Popular photo-sharing service Instagram recently announced changes to its privacy policy – changes that could have allowed it to sell users’ photos to third parties without the users’ consent. The company backtracked amid the resulting uproar. What can be learned from this fracas? The sentence that freaked out most people, as reported by PC World, [...]


Don’t Try to Beat Search Algorithms


There was a time, quite a few years ago, when SEOs could reliably trick search engine algorithms into listing their websites at the top of the results. Those days are long gone. In fact, the whole idea of gaining top rankings doesn’t mean the same thing anymore. The truth is that search engine algorithms have [...]


I would have t disagree with you.
Every programmer tries to make a better software. Or he tries to break an existing software so that the developer of the software can learn from the loop hole and fix it. There is no problem at all trying to beat the search engine. Google is now a better search engine because most of the SEOs out there are trying to beat Google for their gains and Google learns each time it has been beaten to come up with a better algorithm. Its a healthy process.

So, who ever is attempting to beat any search engine out there, please proceed. But instead of risking your clients website take the gamble on one of your not so important test websites first.


More challenging - yes. But I'm far from ready to resign - 'gaming' search engines is worth too much money.

I have had to change my priorities during the year but am still making good progress.

For the first time, and twice this year, I have had to be much more 'defensive' - having to recover from a few setbacks, but still 'beating' as it were - and I'm sure that I'm not the most 'expert' by far!

So "Don't Try To Beat Search Algorithms" is WAY too strong! (IMO)