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Today there are many possibilities how to earn money on the Internet. Whether it’s affiliate marketing, operating an e-shop, sale of own services and products, info marketing, online education courses, etc. But now there is one extra interesting opportunity … literally a MEGA business!
Can you imagine having the biggest e-shop in the world at your disposal, where people go with the expressive purpose to buy something, which sells the products of your own brand 24/7, in which a lot of people are interested in and you don’t have care about packaging and distribution? And all of this you can manage from anywhere using your PC with an Internet connection?
Does this seem unreal to you? Crazy?
...I have to disappoint you, it’s a reality.
What’s behind it?
The concept of this business is built on a very large “lever” of the biggest e-shop in the world, which is and specially created system of products selection, you have manufactured under your own brand, and which you subsequently sell online at Amazon, based on a recommended and proven system!
Here are 5 basic steps how to start AMAZON MEGA BIZNIS:
1) Selection of product you have subsequently manufactured under your own brand - here it is necessary to uphold the specific condition so that the product is chosen suitable (price, weight, dimensions, Best Sellers Rank, etc.) and would have the potential of high level of interest
2) Find a suitable manufacturer for your product, e.g. using
3) Send your products to the Amazon warehouse, where the FBA service (Fulfillment by Amazon) makes the sales, distribution, logistics and claims for you and charges you only a small part of the price of your product.
4) Once you have your products in the Amazon warehouse, your only job is marketing and there are many ways to do this. So if you do these things, it’s difficult not to be successful.
5) Profit is the main topic of this business. When you see it works, you will find another product, again you have it manufactured under your brand and so you achieve true financial freedom. Them maybe the will start offering you MILLIONS for your brand. 
About the Author
I have working experience ranging from start ups to corporate fortune 500 companies (CBRE) I combine an analytical mindset with a creative, out-of-the box way of thinking. I have worked for Lion&Lion (major digital agency in southeast Asia) where I was part of the Marketing and Facebook Advertisment teams. Helped a lot of start ups for fun mainly with business and marketing plans, market research and branding.
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