Is key word density now irrelevant?


Once a year, when my seasonal business quietens down for winter, I get a chance to review our SEO and look next at what we need to
do to keep rankings. I'm trying to update myself on a year's developments and have spotted somewhere along the line a hint that key
word density is no longer relevant (or as relevant) ?

We pretty much write for our users (in fairly copious quantities) and use title text and urls wisely, but if keyword density is of lesser importance, how do the search engines decide what a page is about? Or is this spread more evenly over a large number of factors?

Apologies in advance if there's a post answering exactly these questions, no doubt I'll trip right over it as soon as I've pressed the post button :-)


This has been answered time and again for YEARS and YEARS. Keyword density is irrelevant unless you are keyword stuffing (spam). Write for your audience. Google's robots can determine what a page is about and will use synonyms, plurals, singular, etc. almost as good as a human reader to know what a page is about.


KWD has never ever been a factor. You get points for a keyword in your title, in your page header inurl in the body content and maybe even in your code you dont get extra points for adding those all up and simply dividing that number by everything not about the keyword.

A dumbass vision of someone that know nothing about SEO but can get people to believe anything.


What an SEO Can Learn from History


Whether you call yourself an SEO, SEM, inbound marketer, online marketing specialist, or any one of a number of terms, your ultimate goal is the same: increasing sales or conversions for your clients. To do this, you need to bring a host of skill sets to bear. Sometimes, the skills of a historian come in [...]


Nice Post James

It is very important in any industry to be aware of what has happened in the past, how it affected things and how the industry reacted.

I often advocate in SEO (or what ever it ares to call its self today) that the nature of the search industry is to change to provide better results for its users and avoid people back engineering search algorithms. Therefore, what worked last year is old news (or history). This is one of the main reasons that there isn't a well established qualification of particular certificate that says you can do SEO.

To me, SEO is as much a skill set as it is a mind set.


Hi tstolber,
I liked your thoughts on SEO and History. Since its all about dealing with change, I got this quick crazy idea.
May be we should start recommending "Who Moved my Cheese?" as a handbook for SEO. What say?


Nah. Its one of the #1 best sellers in self help category. A tiny book that teaches you how to deal with change. I loved it when I read it first. I was in school then. It has had spoofs "I moved you cheese" which is hilarious. Do read it.



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