10 Tips for your Facebook Business Page

10/12/2014 06:23

1. Provide enough information about your business

Before making anything else, make sure you provide all the important information about your business.
This includes: comprehensive description, email, phone number, website, working hours & address


2. Use appropriate profile picture, that stands out

Just like the cover photo, the profile picture is one of the most important parts of your facebook page. The profile picture is shown in the newsfeed too. Therefore, make sure that your profile picture is easily recognizable.


3. Engage your Audience

It´s not about the number of likes! The number of users that are engaging with your facebook page is the metric that matters. You will increase the number of likes subsequently. Strive to maintain a dialogue with the fans. Ask them questions. Post quality content that can get not only likes, but shares too.


4.  Post diverse content

Make your fans´ time on social media much more interesting by posting different articles, polls, images, videos and whatever else you can think of. Stay diverse and try to surprise your audience each time you post on your facebook page.


5. Don´t post too much on a single day

According to social media experts, the optimal number of posts on a single day is between 2-4. Get to know your audience and post content that will grab their attention. Try not to spam your fans´ newsfeed, because they will unlike your page.


6. Be honest with your audience

LIke in social media is just like real life. Users will appreciate when you´re honest and hate you when you lie to them. You probably know that the number of people that will write you a negative comment is way higher than the number of people that will write a positive comment. So don´t give reasons to be hated.


7. Use reasonable moderation 

Delete all the spam, but don´t touch the negative comments. This will result in more of those negative comments and you don´t want that. Try to find the source of this negativism and correct your mistakes. Apologize if needed! This wil make your business´ social media account more human. 


8. Don´t Automate your Facebook presence

Many Facebook pages are updated through RSS feeds or Twitter updates. Don´t make this mistake! Your fans want to be in contact with your business on Facebook. If they want to read your Twitter updates, they will follow you on Twitter.


9. Get to know Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a really useful tool and it´s quite simple to learn. Study the metrics of your page and make conclusions based on them. Understand which time is best for posting on Facebook, what type of content your fans engage with etc.


10. Use Facebook Ads

Your Facebook presence is doomed if you don´t want to spend on advertising. Target the right users and experiment with different ads. Analyze the results. This will reduce your advertising costs and increase your ads´ efficiency.



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