4 Important Parts of a Profitable Lead Generation Campaign

27/12/2014 17:39


1. Full Marketing Strategy
For a profitable lead generation campaign to take place, you need to make use o a full marketing strategy of reaching out to highly targeted audiences and potential customers.

$135B will be spent over on Digital Marketing this year.
25% of the entire advertising market will be conducted through the Internet by 2015.


Guide to setting up a full internet marketing strategy

  • Identify your target market (demographic, age, gender, interest, etc).
  • Identify your USP and what you can uniquely offer to the market.
  • Identify the main goals and objectives for the campaign.
  • Determine the best digital marketing channels where you can find most targeted audience.
  • Determine what you can offer to your audience to get them converted into a lead.

2. Landing Page Optimization

Direct your targeted visitors to an optimized landing page before your main website. Landing pages are designed specifically to make visitors make the ultimate action - Conversion.

Conversion rate case studies using optimized landing page:

  • 300% Dell
  • 264% Marian University
  • 144% Axway

291% ROI equivalent to $100,000 savings per year.


3. Data Analysis

Successful businesses reached their pinnacle because of continuous improvement and optimization.


  • 60% of digital marketers carefully analyze customer data in a bid to improve their lead generation conversion rates.
  • Only 52% of business owners who have landing page actually test and perform data analysis to improve lead generation performance - so don't let yourselves be included in this list.

4. Traffic Generation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • 93% of online experiences by targeted users begin with search engines.
  • 33% of all traffic are organic search results made through Google.
  • 59% consumers who look for a local business each month using Google.
  • SEO is a powerful tool for generating high quality targeted leads that have a 14,6% chance of closing a deal.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Ads and sponsored listing get seen first by online users, making them highly effective in generating targeted leads.
People who are actively looking for products or services have 64% chances of clicking on an ad or sponsored results.

Social Media Marketing

  • 1,8B social users - 135M users added each year!
  • 91% o mobile Internet users accessing the web through their smartphones, tablets and other devices primarily to socialize.

Content Marketing

  • 9 out of 10 digital marketers in the B2B arena make use of content marketing for their businesses.
  • 50% of companies already have some form of content marketing strategy.
  • 51% od b2b marketers this year use visual content like infographics.
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