4 Tips for Making Social Video Work for Your Brand

26/12/2014 12:20
"Social video is word of mouth marketing done digitally via social." - Oliver Smith
Why you Should consider video...
It attracts and converts!
  • Generates 3x as many monthly visitors to website.
  • Visitors spend 88% more time on a website that includes video.
  • Organic traffic from search engines increases by 157%.
  • Consumers are 46% more likely to seek information about a product or service ater seeing it on an online video.
  • Consumers are 85% more likely to buy after wattching a product video.
  • 52% have more confidence in their online purchase.
Consider these top 4 pointers when creating your online video strategy.
1. Understande your audience
Before thinking about content, research what your audience requires rather than assuming what
they want. Video has to be interesting, entertaining, and/or informative to grab attention, but also consider
audience profiling alongside the sector and target customers.
1. Interesting
2. Entertaining 
3. Informative
When you have identified your audience, explore their online communities and find out where they look for information.
Consider market research into your audience when testing the creative to see if it is relevant before continuing the process.
2. Create the content
Work out how you are going  to get your audiences’ attention and spend time on briefing based on the change in thinking,
motivation or behaviour you want it to affect in them.
  • Make your video emotional - elicit a strong emotional response - whether positive or negative - since it is twice as likely to be shared.
  • Be positive - shock or anger can drive shares but are a risky bet.
  • Exhilarate your audience - positive triggers result in a 65% brand re-call, while hilarity is not too dissimilar, offering a 51% brand re-call - although this depends on the brand and the culture.
  • Focus on emotion - keep in mind too that personal triumph works the best, which is surprisingly underused by marketers!
  • Be proud of your brand - social videos take 30 seconds to show the viewer any mention of a brand, which is far too long, so make your brand the star of the video and make it more obvious from the start who is behind it.
3. Manage the distribution
Don’t over invest in content and under invest in distribution. It’s also not about pushing it out like crazy on day one and leaving it, ensure the video is shared out over a longer period of time to maximise effectiveness:
  • Create a chart - 1 week time scale. Show that the sharing peak of a video is the second day after launch, with the trend continuing during the week. Give in an extra push every couple of days which will see a spike in views.
  • Maximise social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as a means of sharing your online video: this is where your audience are most likely going to come across it and if they like it, spread the word.
  • Keep in mind the psychological reasons behind why people share online videos: emotional response and motivation are the two biggest factors that make us re-post  video content!
4. Measure and attribute success
Establish key metrics and KPIs to tie the video to business goals, to track and inform future campaigns.
Make sure you have the systems in place to capture the relevant information, and know how to interpret the data that is generated.
Key tip: Contrary to belief, focus on how many times the video has been shared, NOT viewed. The action of sharing  is the gold standard in social, a metric in itself which offers a big opportunity to influence brand metrics and performance.
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