5 Amazing Results of Combining SEO and PPC

19/12/2014 11:49


Using an integrated approach that combines both SEO and PPC into one comprehensive campaign, your company can leverage on the individual strenghts of these systems and minimize the impact of their weaknesses.


1. Combined SEO & PPC

Improves your Click-Through-Rates (CTR)


  • A combined SEO and PPC campaign will help you create compeling content, which will prove beneficial for you not only in terms of search ranking, but also on generating favorable action and click throughs from largeted audiences.
  • With a combined PPC and SEO campaign it also improved the CTR of the individual PPC ads if it were measured separately.


Other similar studies were conducted in this regard, including the one from SEER interactive, which generated a CTR increase from 5,66% to 18,06% when PPC and SEO were combined. 


2. Combined SEO & PPC

Lets you find the best keywords


  • PPC is the perfect vehicle for getting measurable results in terms of identifying the efficacy of keywords and ad copy in generating action from your targeted audiences.
  • Once you´ve identified the perfect combination of copy and keywords that deliver results, you can use them to enhance both your PPC ads as well as every element in your SEO campaign - content, meta titles, and meta description.
3. Combined SEO & PPC
Protects your online reputation


  • 91,5% of Google users rely on first page resultsand the numbers just dwindles after every page result. By dominating the top pages os search results - bad publicity won´t even matter.
  • An integrated SEO & PPC campaign estabilish a strong online presence for your brand that will be more than enough to protect your online reputation.
4. Combined SEO & PPC
Improves each tool independently
  • This translates to greater savings in therms of lesser cost per click, as well as better ad postitions for an improved overall PPC perfomance.
  • Usinf PPC campaigns to test the efficacy of keywords can improve your content as well as your meta titles and description tags, drawing in more organic traffic from natural search results.
5. Combined SEO & PPC
Boost e-commerce sales
  • Essential traffic that according to a MarketLive study will boost site revenues by up to 44%.
  • Combining PPC with SEO will definitely boost your e-commerce performance. An integrated approach is geared towards attracting highly targeted traffic from both natural and paid channels.
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