5 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy Template

11/12/2014 03:55


Use these steps for more effective social campaigns. The key to any social media strategy is to create an experience your audience can participate in with you.



Get support of management stakeholders.

- Only 52% of executives are engaged and aligned with social media strategy.

Action step: chart a clear  path showing how social media tracks to overall business objectives.



Set your target audience in alignment with business goals.

- 67% of marketers identify audience identification and targeting as a top need.

Action step: create a buyer persona to get a clear understanding of your audience.



Listen to what your audience has to say on Social Media.

- Social Media isn´t just about interacting with your customers. It´s also a vehicle to stay on top of the conversations around your brand and your industry. Devote more time to listening in.

- 79% of social media marketers say they monitor social media for mentions of their business several times a week.

- 73% of social media marketers say they monitor social media for industry conversations several times a week.

Action step: use a professional listening tool like Eventifier and choose hashtags wisely to gain insight on content, communities and influencers.



Plan your social media objectives.

- 10% of business surveyed can tell if social media campaigns resulted in revenue growth.

Action step: focus on few metrics that are practical to deliver with impact.



Measure performance & make adjustments to your system.

- While 97% of marketers use social media...only 37% are able to measure ROI. 



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