How to Become a Pinterest Warrior

10/12/2014 10:43


Pinterest by the numbers

  • Active users 70 million, with over 30 billion pins and 750 billion boards.
  • Pinterest is a woman´s world - 80% Woman users and 20% male users.
  • People share on PInterst 3x more on mobile than on desktop.
  • There 500,000 Active business accounts on Pinterst.
Turn Browsers into Buyers
Content has a longer lifespan on Pinterest.
User engagement is longer, too: the average user spend 14.2 minutes on Pinterest per visit.
That content drives more traffic...
  • Pins automatically include a link back to the source of the image.
  • 95% of the images on Pinterest are pinned or repinned from the web.
  • Pinterest generates more referral traffic than, YouTube, Google Plus and LInkedIn combined.
...and that traffic drive more sales!
When it comes to money per click, pinterest generates...
  • 27% more money than Facebook
  • 400% more than Twitter
Optimize On & Off Pinterest!
Set up your Pinterest business account
  1. Choose your business type - this will make it easier for people to find you.
  2. Link and verify for your website - so people known this is your official profile and can see your full URL.
  3. Incluse your location - especially if you are a local busines.
  4. Upload a profile picture - one that is easily related to your brand.
Creating your boards:
  • Begin with 6 boards with at least 10 pins each.
  • Use keywords in your board titles
  • Constantly update your cover photo to keep your boards fresh!
Creating a Pinterest-friendly website:
  1. Add the "Pin it" button to all images on your website.
  2. Embed your own product pins in a Pinterest widget on your site.
  3. Add meta tags to your website to turn images pinned from your site into Rich Pins.
Content strategy
Pinterest is all in the visuals. In order to grow your following, you need to be sharing appealing, high-quality images.
Create a list of content sources:
  • Popular PInterest accounts and boards in your niche
  • Popular Social Media channels (Google Plus, Facebook, etc...)
  • Relevant blogs
  • Image repositories like Buzzfeed, Weheartit,, etc
  • Google Alerts with relevant keywords
Consider what types of pins you want to be pinning:
  • On Pinterest, inspirational, fitness and food-related pins are the most popular pins.
  • The most repinned pin is a garlic cheesy bread recipe, with over 105,000 repins!
TIP: Look at what your competitors are pinning and repinning, what´s working for them, what isn´t and see what you can replicate and improve upon!
Start pinning!
Pinterest rewards lots of activity - The more you frequently you pin, the better you will perform.
  • Aim to pin 20-25 images a day.
  • It´s easy to repin 80% of all pins are repins - but be sure to create multiple unique pins per day.
  • Use 3 hashtags per pin.
Use pins to engage your followers
  • Run contests such as Pin-it-to-Win-it contests to improve your brand visibility.
  • Build relationships with your followers by commenting and replying to comments.
  • Use pins as promotional items or coupons to encourage followers to convert. Pins with a Call to Action have 80% more engagement than those without.
  • Add photos of employees, customers, and events to personalize your brand. - but NOT TOO MANY! Pins WITHOUT faces actually get 23% more repins!
Turn your pins Into Champions
With these top techniques
  • Make sure pins are narrow and long, not short and wide.
  • Share at peak times: every day between 2-4 PM and on Saturday mornings.
Rich pins
Rich Pins pull information such as price directly onto the pin-and with Price Alerts, Pinterest will let users know when the Rich Pin data has changed, improving your chances of conversion!

Currently there are 5 types of Rich Pins:
  • Product - pricing, availability, where to buy
  • Article - headline, byline, author
  • Place - map, address, phone number
  • Movie - ratings, cast members, reviews
  • Recipe - ingredients, cooking times, serving sizes
TIP: you can turn the images on your website into Rich PIns by adding a Semantic Markup to your blog or website. To learn more visit:
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