How to Explain SEO to Clients: 3 Steps

07/01/2015 00:28



Among all the complexity, research, knowledge and creativity encompassed in the envisioning, development and application of a search engine optimization or SEO strategy, it is, in reality, a very simple and basic principle.


Keep it simple when selling or explaining search engine optimization to a potential client: In fact, the more simple you keep it for your clients, the more knowledgeable you appear, as complete mastery of a topic allows you to simplify it, identifying and transmitting only the vital elements within it that will make the sell, leaving you with the technical aspects.


Use the thirty second rule: A good rule to apply when explaining search engine optimization to a person who has no knowledge whatsoever about it is to employ the thirty seconds rule. 


Know your client. In order to be so accurate, you must know and understand your client, its interests and its necessities thoroughly, otherwise you will not be able to present the idea in terms that can be understood and are important for you to close the sale.


Break it down to basic bullet points when explaining SEO:

  • Why search engine optimization should begin with the website's design?. Some SEO requirements call for compromises on the website's structure and building, like templates and CMS system choice, thus, it is easier to establish this from the beginning.
  • What is duplicate content?. Equal or similar copies are duplicates. Every page is scanned by search engines to confirm the content in it is relevant and unique, if one page is equal to another in many aspects, one of them is discarded.
  • What do search engines do to duplicate content?. Search engines strive to simplify their clients lives, so, they choose one version of each content to list it under their results for that search, the rest is discarded.
  • Why care for link building?. Links are points in popularity. The more points, the higher you get, the higher you get, the more you are viewed and visited, the more you are viewed and visited, the more you sell.
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