Strategies To Optimize Amazon Sale

28/12/2014 13:09


Profile Optimization

The product page - Amazon harvests keywords from product title, product ID, brand/designer, manufacturer and search terms.

Product Title - shoppers have an improved experience when the product title is short

Keep the title length less than 80 characters.

Product Description - providing the optimum detailed information and description
Optimum description shown in 200 words; 5 bullet points.

Product Images - At least 500 x 500 pixels.
Watermarks borders, URLs, logo or text is not permitted by amazon.
Show the entire product while only using 80% of the image space.
Have a white background.

Links - Creating a separate seller page linked to other pages.
Provide links to blogs, reviews, tags, webpages and guides.


Preference Optimization
Amazon Optimization for Searchability and Browsability.

Amazon Listings
Getting high-ranking on product listings through Amazon Optimization.

  • Creating keywords increasing the search ability of your products.
  • Linking products to other best-selling products.
  • Search Inside uploads.

Product search bar
The primary method that consumers use to find products 
Price, availability, selection and sales history influence rankings in Amazon's search results.

  • Consider re-pricing based on competition.
  • Stock ample quantities to meet demand.
  • Do not alter sales history.

The Buy Box
More than 70% of Amazon sales is made through this tool.
Price, Seller Performance, Stock Quantities and randomisation influence placing in buy box.

  • Use re-pricing tools regularly.
  • Provide prompt customer service through mails and phone as feedback, product returns and complaints affect ranking.
  • Search Inside uploads.

Reviews and feedbacks
Amazon algorithm examines the total number of reviews provided and review ratings.

  • Encourage users to provide positive reviews and feedbacks by engaging them.

Tags help users locate books on Amazon within a particular genre or category.

  • Provide tags on product descriptions.

Listmania! Lists
These lists are considered as different groups of items that a searcher finds very interesting.
Each list can cover different types of categories and can help other Amazon users discover their favorite products.

  • Provide all details in the description to enable inclusion of the product in maximum lists.

The So You'd Like to... Guides
These guides help users find all the items and details that they need to know about a particular hobby or interest.

  • Give informative product descriptions so that the guide allows maximum people to land on your product.
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