The Getting started Guide to Facebook Advertising

17/12/2014 09:15


Why Should you choose Facebook?

To reach and engage the target audience that matters to you among:

  • 1,15 billion users
  • 699 milion active users
  • 469 milion mobile active users
Where Should you advertise on Facebook
  • in the mobile newsfeed - only if your website is mobile friendly
  • in the desktop newsfeed - measured click through rate is 20x higher than RHC, measured ROI is 26x more important than RHC
  • in the right hand column 
What kind of Ad best fits your purpose?
  • Page like Ad - Text: 90 char. & Image size: 1200x450 px
  • Page post link Ad - Text: 90 char., Link title: 25 char., Image size: 1200x627 px
How does Facebook Targeting work?
  • Classic Targeting - target users by their demographics, gender, interests...
  • Custom Audience - use your CRM database to target your customers on Facebook.
  • Lookalike Audience - using your custom audience, Facebook algorithm match profiles, interests, demographics with users not presents in your database.
  • Website Custom Audience - using Facebook upcoming feature or alternative Partners´ solutions, you can target people who has been visiting your website and performing certain actions.  
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