Types of Marketing

18/12/2014 01:33

There are 100 ways to market a business. It can be difficult to choose the appropriate method. Here are some successful strategies you may be missing.  


  • Content Marketing - attracting customers through valuable content
  • Affinity Marketing - different organizations forming partnerships to reach wider audiences
  • Event Marketing - programs or events that rely on social interaction to generate leads
  • Digital Marketing - using digital technology to reach potential clients
Content Marketing
  • 60% of Facebook users recomend a brand they follow
  • 41% of Pinterest users reffered traffic to ecommerce site
  • 67% of Twitter users will buy from brands they follow
  • 60% of businesses use content marketing
  • Content with an image yields 94% more views
Affinity Marketing
  • cross endorsements, shared incentives, benefits for consumer
Event Marketing
  • For every 1$ you spend at trade shows, you receive $5 in revenue on average
  • 40% of people use social media to promote events
  • 60% of B2B marketers consider event marketing effective
  • 40% of prospects converted via face to face
Top Reasons to Host Events:
1. Educate - 2. Generate Leads - 3. Promos
Digital Marketing
  • 80% increase in email openings over the last 6 months
  • 96% of consumers find videos helpful when buying online
  • 50% more likely to have website ranked on Google´s first page when the site includes videos
  • 86% increase in conversion rate when the video is on the landing page
- Digital marketing costs 62% less then traditional marketing.
- 1$ spent on email marketing provides on average ROI of $42,25.
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