What SEO Used to Be VS What SEO is Now

11/12/2014 03:26



Old SEO:

  • Singular keyword and page focused
  • Ranking focused
New SEO:
  • Focus more on how people engage with a particular brand, product and service
  • ROI focused
Old SEO:
  • Focus on singluar keywords
New SEO:
  • Focus on keyword intend and search user needs
  • Focus on long tail searches
70% of search traffic comes from long tail keywords.
69% focus on conversion rate and performance metrics.
Old SEO:
  • Create content for search engine
  • No regard to content quality or relevance
New SEO:
  • Create content to provide real value to the audience
  • Focused on the audience it will attract
Based on a survey of 400 companies by Econsultancy 45% of companies say contant marketing is "Highly integrated" with their SEO strategy.
Link Building
Old SEO:
  • Build spammy backlinks and it will work
CASE STUDY: Barrie Smith bought a Fiverr Link building service that drove 10,000 verified comment backlink for $5 targeting the keyword "womens underwear online" to a domain he owned.
RESULTS: Barrie´s siet  dropped out of SERP for that specific keyword. In addition, 4 other keywords Barrie tested with the same method never made it to top 100 in Google.
New SEO:
  • Only quality backlinks will work. Most quality backlinks can be built with relationship building.
CASE STUDY: Brian Dean from Backlinko was able to increase his traffic by creating better content than his competitors and reach out to the backlinks for the competitor´s outdated content and replace them with his.
RESULTS: 110% Increase in organic traffic in 14 days.
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