Why You Need to Build a Personal Brand – NOW

10/07/2015 17:23
Why You Need to Build a Personal Brand – NOW
With so many new marketing techniques flooding our eyes and ears these days, it can be hard to know which ones to use. However, if you’ve thought about the option to build a personal brand and not pulled the trigger yet – today’s episode of the podcast will change that.
Should I use my own name, or invent a quirky brand that stands out? Should I obsess over my Twitter followers count?
Gary Vaynerchuk believes that using very old school techniques, in new ways, is the way to go. Listening to your customers, building a great relationship with them, and bringing them value are things that will never get old. Are you struggling with your marketing? If so, I strongly suggest you to start to build a personal brand and by doing so, you’ll start building solid relationships with your customers – just see how things change.
It’s more than just being smart in your business and utilizing the power of virtual assistants (which I know we discuss in detail very regularly here on the blog). The people-to-people approach (or P2P) to doing business in the new economy is one of the main ways to get through to your customers in the world of social media noise and information overload.
In this interview, Gary and  I talk about building your personal brand, the small-town approach to business, and his upcoming book – Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.