SEO and Link Building: Good and Bad Plans


So you want to get your site ranked highly by search engines and you know that one good way to help your site to get there is to build links. What you may not know is that not all links are created equal. Keep reading for a full explanation and some help in planning your link building campaign.


When it comes to building links to your website, just make sure to adopt only organic link building tactics rather than adopting any short cuts (black-hat SEO methods). For instance when you do blog commenting, comment only on sites that comes under your niche, and you should adopt the same approach even with other link building methods as well. If you follow this basic principal, you can certainly get high, long-lasting search engine rankings for sure.


Full Sail Offers Online Internet Marketing Degrees


I enjoyed the privilege in August of touring the campus of Full Sail University, recently accredited and located near Orlando, Florida. The college prepares its students for careers in the technical and business sides of the entertainment field. They just began offering full-fledged online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Internet Marketing. Keep reading to learn what I discovered during my tour and later research.


Thank you for your posting. I am considering studying in that University because they offer the Bachelor Online since I live in another city. Also, my brother made his Master Degree in Online Marketing for those 12 months and he has gotten plenty of job offerings (but it was hard at the beginning), so I think it worthed for him the effort. He didn't study the Bachelor even though, but he got a Administration Business bachelor already.

However, I am still undecided to enroll since I don't see too much companies hiring "Bachelors" in online Marketing since it's a kind of amateur career nowadays. So I thought that I just could save those 40K-60K (not really sure how many it costs) and just study another thing. Althought this is a nice posting I assume is an ad from Full University trying to get some clients. so... not really sure.. Anyways, It would be nice if someone got that Bachelor and how has been his experience..

Thank you.


Blekko Slashes into Search


It takes a real act of bravery to enter the search market these days. In the wake of Ask's laying off more than 100 engineers and under the shadow of Google's amazing dominance, however, Blekko just recently entered the field. Bucking for the number three position in search, what does it think it can offer that other search engines can't?


I look at it as a search machine that is for the more intellget users, more of asocial networking search machine. The reason being is due to the human interaction and the methods in which to search. I suggest blekko brings out and offers something Google isn't currently that will benefit it's users.