SEO Terminology: Link Anchor Text Versus Linking to Name Anchor


Great new article up by Ann Smarty on SEO Chat: SEO Terminology: Link Anchor Text Versus Linking to Name Anchor.

Ever wondered what the difference between the two are? Are they really just the same thing? Our resident blogger breaks it down for you in simple terms. Go check it out!


Anchor text = text that is the actual hyperlink as I understand it. This is always going to be the most important. The link that bears the text of the keyword or keyword phrase in question will always be given a higher weighting. Having said that, you should also have branded anchor text. Its a good idea to have a strong, the strongest, relevance on your branded don't want a competitor having them.

I'm not yet convinced on what the perfect storm is for backlinks, but I do know that relevant backlinks from relevant domains that have high authority get you better ranking.


Are Reviews Getting Even More Important?


It is quite obvious that Google is beginning to put more importance on the use of reviews. It is all about trying to narrow that gap between the social web and ecommerce, where sales themselves are becoming more and more social in themselves. Just look at the regularity of community selling on sites like Amazon. [...]Author information


Statistically reviews can increase your conversions 20%, I think you need to be careful with your reviews being too spammy too. From my own experience this can hurt your website more than help it.


Can someone share any evidence of ratings have gained importace. Say if I have a website where I sell some software and I have good ratings on my listing on third party download sites like softonic, cnet, filehippo, etc.. Would these ratings help increase revenue of my website?

They are getting even more important when it comes to presenting your site to users. It is pretty obvious that a site that has lots of positive reviews gets more attention from other users. It also leads other users to recommend your site or business to other search engine users.

However, there is a risk that reviews can be spammed. So make sure that you only take reviews from your direct customers/clients.



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