The Anatomy of a Content Marketer

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is such a way to communicate with customers, through which the company has a long reputation for building quality and reputation of an expert in his field. This form of communication primarily educates customers about the problem that the product will attempt to resolve. For example, if the manufacturer of security doors will educate their customers (in the form of blog articles, expert TV shows) on burglary and tips how not to give thieves a chance, very aptly by pointing out your product and its benefits, which causes the demand for it. Another example is if a tire dealer in the form of a video blog educated about safe driving in rain and snow.
If a company starts on the Web (own website, blog) create expert content that answers questions / problems that customers have, thus solves several problems:
Customer says what they do not know, help them solve their problem;
shows that the art understands;
addresses the information customers time when looking for information and are often located near shopping decisions.