Want more Business? Ask for a referral

All modern business leaders and businesses, large or start-ups, are always on the lookout for new and 
innovative ideas that will support the various functions of the organization to generate new business 
and boost existing sales. The marketing division of the organization wants continuous supply of new 
ideas about how to make their products and services useful to more and more clients and consumers 
using the right amount of advertising.
The key requirement of any organization is the generation of new business leads that will lead to 
meeting more clients and therefore result in increasing and generating sales. With the market for any 
product or services now being available to a wider audience due to the presence of e-commerce, it is 
now critical for businesses to focus on the right kind of advertising so it gives them access to the right 
audience. The use of social media is one such way to reach a wider audience and gain access to their 
core customers’ area of interest. 
Researching the market and initiating a dialogue with your prospective customer will ultimately lead to 
generating more leads and open the pathway to boosting sales. This helps the sales department to build 
better relationships with prospective clients which actually makes so much business sense, considering 
the savings in advertising and marketing costs. While social media platforms are new and rapidly finding 
their feet in the business world, the time tested methods like trade shows, webinars, sales events and 
telemarketing also cannot be completely ignored.
Businesses and Sales people swear by the one tool that has always and will generate quality leads is 
referrals. A happy client is more than happy to share the contact details of a business associate or a 
friend, thus making it an authentic lead which will ultimately generate a valuable sale for the 
organization without the need of marketing or advertising. A qualified lead with the backing of 
credibility has a better possibility of closing as the sales person is recommended by someone the referral 
knows personally. So go ahead and ask for a referral. It definitely works!