Why relationships matter more than ever in Modern selling

How the sales game has changed

Technology and Internet access has resulted in a different landscape for sales professionals in comparison to the early days of selling.
This landscape presents a combination of both challenges and opportunities for sales professionals to became a leaders in their industry. Through a combination of our own research and studies done by third parties, we have put together this guide to selling in the modern age.
  1. Social media isn´t workng - 55% of B2B Sales Professionals believe that Social media has no effect on their sales efforts.
  2. Businesses are slow responding - 60% of Sales Professionals believe the buying process was changing faster than sales organizations.
  3. Cold calling is Dying - 64% of B2B Sales Professionals said that calling hasn´t improved in the last 3 years.
  4. Cold calling is Expensive - Cold calls are 60% more expensive than generating inbound leads.
Traditional selling - The buying process start with a call to or from a supplier. Golf trips were the most effective way to nurture a prospect.
The cost to speed up a traditional sale would include the costs for travel, accommondations, and dinner.
Modern selling - 93% of Buying process start with an internet search. Prospects want sellers who can offer new knowledge and value.
Conversations with leads through digital channels drove an increase in the speed of closing a deal by nearly 20%.
So how does a modern sales team beat a competition?
  1. Discover more relationships! - Use exisitng relationships to identify new leads through warm introductions. Use search to your advantage. Make it easy for leads to find you and become connected. Use relationships with clients and partners to discover new business opportunities.
  2. Nurture more relationships - Focus on building relationships with past clients, customers, suppliers and partners. Spend time understanding your clients needs to help speed up the sales process. Establish strong relationships  to increase the number of warm introductions and avoid "cold" calls.
  3. Create more relationships - Build expertise a new opportunities by creating and sharing relevant content online. Develop a mailing list and use it to nurture exisitng relationships. Attend conferences and events to create new relationships.
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